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15 Web searches you won't believe

Anyone who has ever used Google's instant web search will have noticed some funny, and often weird, results drop down. Perhaps the most interesting and disturbing part of this is that people have searched for the results enough for them to show up in the top results. Now, let that sink in.

Google has released some of their strangest searches and we have added a few of our own to compile these offbeat queries for your entertainment. Please send us a few of your own.

Web Searches You Won't Believe

Sloths seem to be a commonly searched animal. If you begin typing in "why are" one of the top answers is, "why are sloths slow"?

Search requests indicate Google may be psychic or can be used to replace a doctor. People who typed in, "am I", will often get the grand finale of "pregnant".

Typing in "am I" returns the option of being allergic to water. Apparently this is a real thing, although it is extremely rare.

"Does farting burn calories" made the list. The answer appears to be a resounding no.

People seem to have a tough time making breakfast as evidenced by search results that include "never put a sock in a toaster".

"Don't you hate it when" has the interesting variation of finishing with, "a sentence doesn't end the way you think it octopus".

"Are babies dishwasher safe" is an alarming web search that you won't want to test at home.

"Unicorns" includes answers such as "in the Bible" and the problematic, "are jerks", which makes you wonder how many people are suffering at the hands of ruthless unicorns.

Of course the unicorns may even be annoyed by the next search. "I hate it when I am studying and a velociraptor throws bananas at me". This problem typically occurs just before the dog eats my homework.

Type in "my cat" and one of the top results is, "looks like Hitler". Animals appear to be wreaking chaos everywhere on the internet.

One of the more disgusting things asked on Google is whether boogers have calories. You will be happy to know that they are considered low cal and the act of picking and eating them counters any calories they do have.

Google is often asked, "How do I google something". The struggle is real.

Although a common question, inflatable dolls do not count as people for the HOV lane.

Marrying your cousin is legal in some states, over ten thousand people a year want to know.

"I think I might be a sociopath" is first under the search for, "I think I might be a", with "genius" coming in at second. There seems to be a thin line.

We hope you have enjoyed our compilation of the fifteen web searches you won't believe. Searching for searches could become an all day activity. Practice a few of your own, you will marvel at the results.

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