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Firing might be good therapy for a fast-moving industrialist, but this message is for small businesses that move fast on a regional level. The famous firings made famous by television shows like The Apprentice make a mockery of business for those of us who care about culture, community and social enterprise.

When a manager makes a poor hiring decision, she has two choices. Fast correction will be perceived by your team as an annulment, where a prolonged suffering may result in a lengthy, painful divorce.

Other times, your team suffers from misalignment. I work with many organizations like this. In a small organization, the position someone is hired for isn’t always the role in which they will thrive.

Assessing the strengths of people is part art, part science. In order to do this well, you should first acknowledge that your brain works differently than everyone else’s.

In our new economy, there are some new best-practices. These include annual team testing for strengths, compatibilities, and efficiencies. Try a rotation of strength assessments like D-I-S-C, Kolbe Corp and Sally Hogshead.

Great leaders are constantly assessing the strengths and gaps of their team. You may discover new ways to work together more efficiently.

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