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The key aspect of Team is that everybody has a role, but no role is more important than any other role. In baseball and softball, the pitcher’s record depends on how well his or her defensive teammates play their positions. Sure, the pitcher gets a lot of attention, but it’s the total defense that contributes to any good pitcher’s dominating statistics.

No one can be great at their job if everyone isn't great at their job. Any role can be critical to the goal of the organization at any time. Over the life of any company, you can bet that the most random role can make or break the organization given the right set of circumstances.

The team is never just about the people in the spotlight. Those in the most visible roles of your team are made better by those in support roles, and also by those utility players who can step in and step up to a role and pick up where you left off.

Next one up isn’t just a team-building strategy. It’s also valuable for sun-setting and legacy planning. Who do you have on your team ready to step in for you? More importantly, for which roles in your organization are you prepared to fill in when needed?

Team is not a vertical alignment, nor is it horizontal. The leader you follow is willing and able to do your job in support of the team.

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