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The best ideas in your organization most likely won’t come from you. They come from your teammates. They come from your customers. And they come from your former customers.

No matter the source, your organization’s best asset is not the idea. Your best asset is initiative. Who, on your team, hits the go button?

Before your team even has an opportunity to get their fingerprints on what’s next, someone has to initiate the idea.

If your organization is a vacuum for suggestions, or a black hole of innovation, don’t expect your fans to make you better.

Fast-moving teams attract fast-moving innovations. Setting aside shiny objects that don’t add value or efficiency to your organization, your company’s greatest accomplishments just might start with a suggestion from a client, or a criticism of a former customer.

When the idea hits your desk, how will you reward it? Who on your team is best equipped to vet it?

You need other people to start things and take risks. When someone brings you a worthwhile initiative, it's your support that can deliver the resulting service or efficiency to your company and community.

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