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Hi! I am Ashley Blevins Barton, the Marketing, Communications, & Events Director for the Wilkes Chamber of Commerce. I am a Wilkes Native and will be an Appalachian Graduate in about a month. I will have my Bachelors of Science in Communication Studies with a focus on Strategic Communication.

In starting a new business it is important that you know why it is you do what you do! For many organizations this is called a mission statement. Mission statements are a clear way for an organization to make decisions. When faced with a dilemma the organization leads can ask themselves: does this further our mission or hinder it?

Once the mission is established it can be the standard for your business and remember why it is you started doing what you do. Our mission at the Chamber is "Promoting Economic Development and Striving to Enhance the Quality of Life for all Wilkes County Citizens."

Ashley Blevins Barton | Marketing, Communications, & Events Director of the Wilkes Chamber of Commerce

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