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Why be a member?

Joining the Wilkes Chamber of Commerce could be a smart business decision for you. Being a Chamber member comes with many benefits that can boost your business, whether you are a business with no employees or have employees in the thousands, you can enjoy an exceptional return on your investment.

Top 10 Benefits

1. Networking- Committee Meetings, After Hours Events, Ribbon Cutting

2. Visibility- Stand out and get noticed in your community

3. Learning- Seminars & Workshops

4. Have A Voice- Gain a say in what happens in government through Chamber advocacy efforts

5. Credibility- Raise your reputation through membership

6. Tax Deduction

7. Marketing- Media Marketing Partnerships & Chamber Sponsorship Opportunities

8. Referrals- Member referrals to newcomers, visitors, and phone inquires

9. Hot Deals & Job postings at no charge

10. First Benefits Insurance Discounted Workers’ Compensation

*Your Takeaway

There are many benefits to your investment. The Wilkes Chamber of Commerce provides you with opportunities to get involved in your community and to better your business.

By Terrian Carter

Membership Director

Call Terrian today to learn more about what the Chamber can do for you and your business!

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