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Wilkes Chamber of Commerce is investing time and resources in training the leaders of tomorrow to ensure that senior roles are handled by professionals with the right set of skills and clear goals. Good leaders are indispensable resources for any organization, not only because they contribute to the growth but they also drive innovation, create a good working environment and mentor the newcomers within the organization.

Leadership Wilkes development program provide important leadership skills and attributes needed for individuals to be an effective leader, such as communication skills, motivation and inspiration, as well as better decision-making skills and accountability.

Women are entering the workforce at a higher rate than men, however, they’re significantly under-represented in the upper tiers of organizations. Research is clear that more diverse executive teams drive better performance. By identifying current and future high-potential women leaders and coaching them to leverage strengths and develop new capabilities, your business or organization will see dramatic results.

Youth Leadership programs serve the unique need of focusing youth energies on positive activities, leading to increased self-efficacy and the development of skills relevant to success in adulthood and the workplace such as decision-making and working well with others.

Leadership Wilkes

Sponsored by the Wilkes Chamber of Commerce, is a nine session leadership enhancement program designed to develop a group of informed, committed and qualified individuals capable of providing visionary and progressive leadership for Wilkes County. The program is an in-depth study of management styles, personalities, and involved activities to illustrate positive leadership opportunities.   Leadership Wilkes will take place over a four-month period from August through mid-November. Class participants will engage in informative presentations, educational facility tours, and are enlightened to the resources available in their community.

Wilkes Women in Leadership

A woman’s participation only program, is focused on empowering and inspiring women leaders. Meetings are held quarterly at various Chamber membership locations. Each session will feature guest presenters and will offer attendees the chance to learn from the experience of others while building relationships through networking.

United Teens in Action, (UTA)

A youth-focused civic engagement program designed for high school youth to increase their leadership experiences and help them become more involved with dynamic change occurring throughout the county. Students participating in UTA are chosen from each of the five high schools, Wilkes Early College, East Wilkes, North Wilkes, West Wilkes and Wilkes Central, with a specific emphasis on high school juniors. Participants in UTA are involved in a very dynamic and different program, one where they can learn and have experiences that they can take back to their schools, neighborhoods and communities.

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