Leadership Wilkes is a program sponsored by the Wilkes Chamber of Commerce to develop a group of informed, committed and qualified individuals capable of providing visionary and progressive leadership for Wilkes County.


The program is an in-depth study of management styles, personalities, and involved
activities to illustrate positive leadership opportunities. Taking place over a four-month period, Leadership Wilkes 2020 participants have a chance to tour facilities, participate in informative seminars and are enlightened to the resources available to them in Wilkes. 


Once participants have completed Leadership Wilkes 2020, they will be well informed and have a foundation for implementing their knowledge and skills to become a progressive citizen & leader.



Area leaders in business, government, education, healthcare, industry, and tourism enlighten participants on the resources available to Wilkes County citizens. During each session, the group will look at topics ranging from non-profits to community infrastructure.

The program culminates with a graduation ceremony for participants, their guests, and alumni from previous classes.


Participants are encouraged to attend all Leadership Wilkes 2020 sessions including graduation. Absence from any portion of a session is considered an absence for the day. Attendance reflects the commitment necessary to receive a meaningful experience from your investment in the program.

Casual dress and good walking shoes are recommended for all sessions.



Session 1 - October 14 (Retreat & Session 1)

Session 2 - October 28

Session 3 - November 18

Session 4 - December 2

Session 5 - January 13

Session 6 - January 27

Session 7 - February 10

Session 8 - February 24    

Session 9 - March 10 (Session 9 & Graduation)

Please Note:  Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the dates for the
sessions are subject to change.  

Leadership Wilkes Testimonials:


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